Princeless Volume 7: Find Yourself

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by Jeremy Whitley, Nicole D'Andria, Emily Martin, Aramayo Ainhao, Cristine Hipp, Brett Grunig

Action Lab Entertainment

5/14/2019, paperback

SKU: 9781632294388


With Bedelia left behind, Adrienne and Sparky are on their own for the first time since they left the tower...and it's not going well. Alize's castle is somewhere in the Great Southern Desert, but they can't find it! They've been lost in the desert for days and when tempers flare, Adrienne may find herself alone and in peril on her quest. But what waits for her in the desert is more amazing than she could have imagined...and more deadly. It's time for a final confrontation with the Black Knight.

And as they emerge from the Black Forest, Devin and company find themselves going head to head with an old enemy in an unexpected place. Soon Asheland will be under attack, but will they make it back to Asheland to tell anyone?

Target age: 9-12

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