Princeless Volume 8: Princesses

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by Jeremy Whitley; Edited by Nicole D'Andria; Illustrated by Jackie Crofts, Newt Taber, Takeia Marie, Robin Kaplan, kaitlin Jann, Brett Grunig, and Emily Martin

Action Lab Entertainment

7/16/2019, paperback

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What type of princess are you? With all of the secrets finally out and Adrienne heading toward fulfilling her quest. It's time to find out what's really been going on. What has the Black Knight been up to and how does it involve Adrienne's sisters? And now that they're free, what are Adrienne's sisters up to? These four issues tell the stories of the princesses left behind and shape the future of the Princeless universe in a way that will change everything.

Target age: 9-12

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"With Princeless we get all the wonderful essences of a classic fairytale with a delightful twist." -- Black Girl Nerds

"Not only is this story fun and engaging, Princess Adrienne is a great role model for girls." -- Wired