Princeless Volume 9: Love Yourself

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by Jeremy Whitley, edited by Nicole D'Andria, Alicia Whitley, illustrated by Emily Martin, Christine Hip, Ainhoa Aramayo, Brett Grunig, and Kaitlin Jann

Action Lab Entertainment

1/28/2020, paperback

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Father versus daughter! Adrienne has one last sister left to save, but she's going to have to go through a maze, a minotaur, and her own father to get there. And far away in the woods of the elves Devin, Tempest, Kira, and Noni have been taken captive. They're all in danger and the only one who can save them is Tempest. Is she really the daughter of the fallen elf king and queen? Everyone is waiting for her to wake up to find out.

Target age: 9-12

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