Punk in A Foreign Space: Tales from Writing the History of Russian Punk Rock

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by Alex Herbert

Microcosm Publishing

2019, zine


A zine about the creation of What About Tomorrow. An adventure story as well as a fascinating document of what it took for an outsider to navigate the conflicting stories of the Russian punk scene's many eras. 


Alexander Herbert is a research fellow at Brandeis University focusing on the history of the late Soviet Union. He is a devoted father, veteran vegan, self-ascribed environmentalist, occasional musician, opportunistic freelance writer and translator, and fan of beet and pickle pizza. Aside from academic research, Alexander has been a punk rock and hardcore enthusiast since the point of contact and has contributed to such iconic fanzines as Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake. He thoroughly enjoys connecting strangers and has proudly established lines of communication between musicians, writers, and artists in Russia and the United States since 2014. You can read more of Alexander's editorial work and firsthand stories of punk in Russia in Punks Around, a fanzine he edits that prints tales of contributors' experiences in punk scenes around the world.