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Punks Around #11 - P.O.C. Punks

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Edited by Alex Herbert

Alex Herbert

2020, zine

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Punks Around is a fanzine dedicated to creative writing and independent art of all forms. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and tries to capture a variety of voices, perspectives, and modes of expression 

Dedicated to the voices and experiences of BIPOC punk rockers, this issue of Punks Around contains a powerful forward by Professor Falcon about racism in punk and what it's like "to be a 'minority' in an anti-social subculture." Kevin Moore writes about being politicized by punk and even more so by the death of George Floyd and the resulting uprising. Carlos Romero interviews the folks who run the Providence venue Al Dios no Conocedo. Michelle Gonzalez tells about the time on tour when she and Alice Bag were trapped in a hotel room with a mouse. Martin Wong writes about running Giant Robot magazine. King Mob writes about being an Anglo-Indian getting into punk. Boston Brock writes about coming of age as a Black punk and skinhead. Plus a bunch of rad art."