Punks Around #7 - Girl's Room

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Edited by Liz Hafey

Alex Herbert

2019, zine

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Punks Around is a fanzine dedicated to creative writing and independent art of all forms. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and tries to capture a variety of voices, perspectives, and modes of expression 

"The Girl's Room" is an issue that presents stories from women in the punk scene.

"Long story short, the girl's room is a place for bonding, where you can always make new friends and have a good laugh. It's where we check in on what's going on in the scene, and we make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. I want this issue to evoke that same collective energy." -Liz Hafey

It features some of the coolest women in punk today, including Momo, Mary, Jesse, Jenny Woo, Doris (C.H.E.W.), and the trinity of Ls: Liz, Lyds and Lid.