Punks Around #8 - Eggplant Eaters Edition: Veganism and Punk Rock

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Edited by Alex Herbert

Alex Herbert

2019, zine

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Punks Around is a fanzine dedicated to creative writing and independent art of all forms. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and tries to capture a variety of voices, perspectives, and modes of expression 

Punks Around #8 is all about veganism in punk rock. It features stories, interviews and artwork.

"As punks, we've grown up in a world where eating meat and dairy was instilled in us through birth. We see and critique the massive increase in cancer cases nation wide, the growth of heart diseases and obesity, and our first instinct is to point to capitalism, our parents, and increased privatization of personal life. All of these things suck, but in order to break out of them we need to recognize when we are inadvertently implicated in it all. Punk is about owning up to responsibility, and responsibility starts with yourself. Once you've eliminated the possibility that YOU are to blame for your health and lifestyle problems, then it's fair to blame everyone else."