Raising Them: Our Adventure in Gender Creative Parenting

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by Kyl Myer

Topple Books

09/08/2020, paperback

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"What did you have? A boy or a girl?" Kyl and Brent imagined it would be years before their child would identify with a gender. Until then...

As a first-time parent, Kyl Myers had one aspect dialed in from the start: not being beholden to the boy-girl binary, disparities, or stereotypes from the day a child is born. With no wish to eliminate gender but rather gender discrimination, Kyl and her husband, Brent, ventured off on a parenting path less traveled. Raising a confident, compassionate, and self-aware person was all that mattered.

In this illuminating memoir, Kyl delivers a liberating portrait of a family's choice to dismantle the long-accepted and often-harmful social construct of what it means to be assigned a gender from birth. As a sociologist, Kyl explores the science of gender and sex and the adulthood gender inequities that start in childhood. As a loving parent, Kyl shares the joy of watching an amazing child named Zoomer develop their own agency to grow happily and healthily toward their own gender identity and expression.

Candid and surprising, Raising Them is an inspiration to parents and to anyone open to understanding the limitless possibilities of being yourself.


"Frank and compassionate... An enlightening, much-needed resource for parents hoping to raise their children without limitations." -- Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:

Dr. Kyl Myers is a sociologist, educator, and globally recognized advocate of gender creative parenting. Kyl's TEDx Talk, "Want Gender Equality? Let's Get Creative," encourages people to rethink childhood gender socialization in an effort to break up the binary before it begins.