Road through San Judas (Spectacular Fiction)

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by Robert Fraga

PM Press

8/15/2019, paperback

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Perched on a dry desert mesa, San Judas is a home of last resort for landless peasants who build makeshift homes and a vibrant community on "worthless" land that no one else wants. Or so it seems. Until suddenly, and tragically, everyone wants it for their own. The Road Through San Judas chronicles from the inside the colorful characters struggling to save their village from NAFTA regulations, local Juárez developers, terrifying drug cartels, violent cholo gangs, and corrupt politicians on both sides of the border.

All those interested in the culture and contradictions of modern Mexico--including activists involved in struggles for land, democracy, and justice under international capitalism--will delight in this novel's revolutionary humor and compassion.


A math teacher, activist, and writer, Robert Fraga was working as a volunteer in northern Mexico, when he learned of--and joined in--a struggle between landless Mexican farmers and a wealthy Juárez family who wanted their land. He immortalized their struggle in this novel.