Robert F. Williams: Self Defense, Self-Respect, & Self Determination (as told by Mabel Williams)

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Robert F. Williams & Mabel Williams

Freedom Archives / AK Press

2005, CD

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Robert Williams organized African-American armed self-defense in the South. President of the NAACP in Monroe, North Carolina, he led the Black community in preventing Klan attacks and opposing the racism of governmental agencies. He was falsely accused of kidnapping charges by the FBI and was forced into exile. Williams lived in Cuba and China from 1961-1969. From Cuba, he broadcast Radio Free Dixie, which aired the message of Black Liberation to the Southern US. He built strong relationships with world leaders like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Mao Tse Tung and organized international support for the human rights struggles of African-Americans.

Narrated by his widow, Mabel Williams, this audio documentary chronicles Williams' life through his interviews and speeches.


"Robert Williams is one of the most important figures in the history of the black freedom movement... Thanks to the Freedom Archives and the work of his widow Mabel Williams, his story will be "heard" by many more people. And in these political times, we need to remember Rob Williams' courage, his unyielding internationalism, and the movement he helped to build." -Robin D.G. Kelley

"Robert Williams was an extraordinary man, who has been largely lost in the history books. His story is dramatic and compelling and this audio record of his life is an important contribution to contemporary history." -Howard Zinn

"The story of Robert Williams and Mabel Williams is an important chapter in the history of African-American is the story of a family who fought together, struggled together and stayed together, united and strong in the face of racism and oppression... It is the story of human dignity, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds...and of commitment to the struggle of African Peoples and oppressed peoples around the world." -Assata Shakur, Black liberation fighter in exile

"The work he did should go down in history and never be forgotten." -Rosa Parks

"This very human story told by Mabel R. Williams, a deeply admired and respected icon of the Civil Rights movement, will help young people of all backgrounds understand the people and their struggles..." -Gwendolyn Midlo Hall

"With this CD, the Freedom Archives makes an important contribution to American history and politics. Countering superficial readings of U.S. democracy and Black freedom struggles, this narrative by Robert and Mabel Williams brings a deeper and newer perspective on 20th century civil rights and self-defense in Black liberation movements. This is a significant gift?a story that should be taught and debated in school and on the street." -Joy James, editor of Imprisoned Intellectuals