Robin and Her Misfits

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by Kelly Ann Jacobson

Three Rooms Press

4/25/2023, paperback

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A roving female gang of fun-loving rebel bikers and street racers, led by Robin, agree to give back to other girls in need of help in this stunning queer mash-up of Robin Hood and Fast and Furious.

Robin and her four Misfits--Little John, White Rabbit, Daisy Chain, and Skillet--have run away from their families in order to live off the grid on their own terms. For a while, they're hidden, safe, and happy as they commit petty crimes that provide enough to get by. All that matters is keeping their small clan alive. Then, one mission proposed by an unfriendly associate from their past reminds them of their former lives and motivates the group to a new purpose. The five Misfits develop into a league of strong individuals united by a fresh goal: do whatever it takes to help queer girls rise above oppressive laws and attitudes.

Kelly Ann Jacobson, the author of the award-winning LGBTQ+ young adult novel Tink and Wendy, is back with another diverse twist on a popular legend.

Target age: 14 to 18


"Robin and Her Misfits revisits a classic story about breaking the law, turning it into a poignant, exciting novel about queer love, homecomings, and hope." -- Foreword Reviews

"[A] rousing heist adventure... Jacobson's take on the well-known tale, told through a cinematic plotline, centers themes of found family and queer love." -- Publishers Weekly

"A queer retelling of Robin Hood full of heists, heart, and Florida humidity... Captures all the nuances of each main characters' personalities as well as the found family that made Robin Hood and his Merry Men such a beloved classic." -- The Southern Bookseller Review

"In this modern reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood, a cast of queer girls fight to free themselves from the control of powerful crime families and their own pasts. Fast-paced action and high stakes." -- Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:

Dr. Kelly Ann Jacobson is the author or editor of many published books, including, most recently, her young adult novel Tink and Wendy, winner of the 2021 Foreword Indies Gold Medal for Young Adult Fiction and her contest-winning chapbook An Inventory of Abandoned Things. Kelly's short fiction has been published in such places as Best Small FictionsDaily Science Fiction, Northern Virginia ReviewIron Horse Literary ReviewNew Plains Review, and Gargoyle. Kelly received her PhD in fiction from Florida State University. She currently lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she is an Assistant Professor of English at University of Lynchburg.