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by Kirpatrick Sale


2023, paperback

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“I was born at a time when humans were demonstrating their ability to fashion and use weapons of destruction and death and were not averse to using them on nature and all of its species, including their fellow creatures. I grew up at a time when it became clear that in fact humans were on a path to cause the fundamental altering of the planet, or what a new word invented then called ‘ecocide.’ And halfway through my life the world realized that ecocide was shockingly near at hand, through human causes, and that civilization itself was the culprit.”


“Kirkpatrick Sale is one of those writers whose pen will always set the imagination alight regardless of his topic.” — Fourth World Review

“The author’s lucid, rigorous prose is a delight, whether he is narrating perilous passages… or steering us through the hazards of learned disputes.” — The New Yorker

“If it’s radical and leading edge, Sale probably wrote about it sooner and better than anyone else.” — Utne Reader

About the Author:

Kirpatrick Sale is a writer and lecturer whose books include SDSHuman Scale; and The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy. His articles have appeared in the New York Review of BooksNewsweek, the NationMother JonesUtne ReaderRainHarper's, and the New York Times Magazine. He lives in New York.