Say More: Consent Conversations for Teens

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by Kitty Stryker

Thornapple Press

4/26/2024, paperback

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Talking about consent can feel overwhelming, especially for young people who may be navigating their own boundaries for the first time. In Say More, consent culture activist Kitty Stryker guides teenagers in exploring what consent means to them. This timely and practical workbook allows the reader to work at their own pace and in their own way, with concrete examples from Kitty’s youth, prompts inspired by questions teens have asked her and comprehensive resources to encourage exploration and introspection.

With a foreword by Heather Corinna.

Target age: 14 to 17


"Say More is a brilliant overview of all things consent. It gives teens spot-on, realistic advice about how we might navigate all our relationships more consensually, and about how to handle things when we, inevitably, don't manage it at times. Kitty Stryker is just the friendly mentor required to guide us through this complex territory with clarity, steadiness, and a whole lot of relatable experience." — Dr. Meg-John Barker co-author of How To Understand Your Sexuality and Sexuality: A Graphic Guide

"Although aimed at teens, I recommend Say More to everyone. Kitty Stryker has written a brilliant, illuminating torch of a book; the more people who read and use it, the brighter and clearer all our interactions can be." — Alix Fox, sexual culture writer and script consultant to Netflix's Sex Education

About the Contributors:

Kitty Stryker has been working on defining and creating a consent culture for over ten years through her writing, workshops, and website. She's the editor of Ask: Building Consent Culture and author of Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook, and is especially interested in bringing conversations about consent out of the bedroom and into everyday life.

Heather Corinna is the founder, director, designer and editor of Scarleteen, the first truly comprehensive sex, sexuality and relationships education site and resource for young people of its kind. She is also the author of S.E.X: The All-You-Need-To-Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties (DaCapo Press); with Isabella Rotman, Wait, What?: A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies, and Growing Up and the menopause memoir-slash-survival guide What Fresh Hell Is This? Perimenopause, Menopause, Other Indignities and You.