Seeds of Spring 4: A Mi'kmaq Teen Discovers Kroptkin, Punk, and Her Place in the World

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by Christopher Coquard and Sacha Ravenda

Microcosm Publishing

8/12/2022, paperback

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Close ties of friendship and family are strengthened and celebrated in the fourth comic in the 15-part Seeds of Spring series. As Naguset's brother Mu'in prepares to be deployed, Naguset bonds with Mandy over punk songs from Chris, finding a moment of distraction and hope amidst harmful outside messages. Back in the 1800s, young Peter is reunited with his beloved brother, forges friendships, and defines success for himself in choosing his path after graduation. 

In this innovative serial graphic novel, Naguset, a modern Canadian Mi'kmaq teenager, exchanges books and mix tapes with her pen pal, Chris. Her imagination sparks when he sends her a biography of the 19th century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. The story juxtaposes Naguset's personal and political coming-of-age in her loving family home with Kropotkin's rocky upbringing in a princely palace. These two stories of eventful lives and bold hearts are interwoven with Kropotkin's theories of freedom, Mi'kmaq vocabulary and social history, and an uplifting punk soundtrack, creating a unique reading experience bound to inspire readers to think in new ways about the issues of our time. 

About the Authors:

Chris Coquard is an English professor and world traveler currently living in Québec City.  In his free time he is busy with many Peter Kropotkin projects, including organizing events and publishing  several new writings in English for the first time.  Additionally, he has also been working closely with Mi’kmaq linguists in Québec and the Maritime provinces in Canada on several language and culture-related projects.

Sacha Ravenda is a comic artist, illustrator, writer and compulsive sketcher, based in Gatineau, Québec. Sacha has been publishing print comics for three years with a few Montréal based editors and magazines, and also has created 2d art, character design and concept art for various projects such as tabletop games and mobile games.