Selections on the Abolitionist Insurrection at Harper's Ferry, from "The Liberator", 1859

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2/24/2024, booklet

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This booklet compiles selections from the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, from between October and December of 1859, relating to the insurrection at Harpers Ferry and subsequent the execution of John Brown. The often referenced “Reminiscences of the Insurrectionists” and “Notes of the Insurrection” by James Redpath are included here, along with the “verbatim” interview with John Brown as he lay wounded in the Armory, his sentencing statement, an open letter from Frederick Douglass, prison correspondence Brown had with allies, an “interview with Mrs. Brown,” and more. Note that this is a facsimile reprint and includes some original printing errors. It is 56 pages, printed on unbleached sugarcane paper with a shiny gold cover stock.