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by Sandy Horsley


09/01/2020, hardcover

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Click! Click! Click! Sylvie the Squirrel is obsessed with selfies. However, as she's clicking away, Sylvie is missing out on the fun right in front of her. When her friends save her from a scary situation, Sylvie realizes what's really important and it's not taking selfies. Social media starts at an early age, and debut author/illustrator Sandy Horsley brings that issue to the forefront in this timely picture book. Selfies are fun, but nothing is more fun than being a good friend and living in the moment.

Target age: 4 to 8

About the Author:

Sandy Horsley is a freelance illustrator and writer. She graduated from the Cambridge School of Art, where she gained a distinction in children's book illustration. Sandy loves to experiment with traditional printmaking techniques and likes nothing better than inky fingernails. She lives in Suffolk, England.