Shufto: My Unique Journey from Sudan, Egypt, to the U.S.A

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by Olwak Jenaro

New Degree Press

4/27/2021, paperback

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"Shufto, shufta, shuno." Translation? "Seen it, what have you seen?"

Shufto follows a young man's journey from a small schoolhouse in Khartoum to living in a bustling city in Egypt, until eventually, after many struggles and hardships, making his way to New York. With a civil war raging out of control in the southern region of Sudan and deteriorating living conditions, life was difficult and Jenaro and his family were forced to leave the country. Olwak "Shufto" Jenaro's autobiography tells of the wonderful, emotional journey of growing up in war-torn Sudan and the life-changing decision that brought him and his family to the United States.

Full of laughter, adventure and tears, Shufto sheds light on the refugee and immigrant experience while encouraging anyone facing life-altering challenges to overcome and rise above their circumstances. With a wide variety of fascinating stories ranging from being wrapped up by a snake while playing outside in South Sudan to seeing snow for the first time in New York, Shufto will captivate and inspire you.