Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech Under Surveillance Capitalism

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by Jillian C. York

Verso Books

03/15/2022, paperback

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The battle for online rights and for the future of democracy

Who decides what is permissible on the internet: Politicians? Mark Zuckerberg? Users? Who determines when political debate becomes hate speech? How does this impact our identity or our ability to create communities and to protest? Silicon Values reports on the war for digital rights and how major corporations -- Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tiktok -- threaten democracy as they harvest our personal data in the pursuit of profit.


"The Internet has never been the utopia of free and equal expression its ideologues would have us believe it is. Jillian York's vivid reportage shows us that the power to determine who gets to use it to speak, and under what circumstances, is now more concentrated--and less accountable--than ever before." -- Adam Greenfield, author of Radical Technologies

"For years, Jillian York has been at the forefront of defending freedom of expression online. Her new book unpacks how Silicon Valley corporations have gained more control over speech than the most ambitious of governments and how ill-prepared they often are to use that power in ways that are just and fair. Entertaining, deeply informative and often very personal, Jillian's journey into the world of online speech reflects on deep questions about how we should treat one another and who makes rules for societies in our digital world." -- Ethan Zuckerman, Associate Professor, UMass Amherst and co-founder Global Voices

About the Author:

Jillian C. York is International Activism Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF. She is also a founding member of the feminist collective, Deep Lab. She has been covering questions of surveillance and freedom since the 2000s. She was named by Foreign Policy as one of the top 100 intellectuals on social media. She has written for the Guardian, Al Jazeera and Foreign Policy. She is based in Berlin.