Tears of Our Children

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by Keyon "Keyz" M. Lee

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A Child Molester is one who rips innocence from the Core of our children. A molester not only ruins their childhood, but in most cases, he destroys them, crumbling their foundations and hopes of ever becoming the men and women they could have been.
Follow the horrific tale of stolen innocence and allow yourself to slip in and out of the mind of the abused and the abuser.
Meet T.J., the son of a reverend, and his best friend Billy Boy. Both of them are victims of child molestation. Afraid to speak out against their mentor and abuser, they become professionals at bottling their feelings.
Scarred to deeply to bleed and injured without healing. Do their wounds go untreated? Find out what happens when their deepest secrets become too much to contain. Do they explode and destroy others around them, or do they stay hidden forever?