The Big Heat: Earth on the Brink

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by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank

AK Press

11/6/2018, paperback

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The world as we know it is undergoing a sudden and violent transformation, unlike anything the planet has experienced since the Cretaceous Extinction. The evidence is all around us: vast droughts that last decades, super-storms and floods that destroy cities, dwindling aquifers, vanishing glaciers, toxic water supplies, raging wildfires, obscure new diseases, vanishing species and indigenous communities.

Our planet is changing faster than evolution can keep up. The forces driving this radical transformation are not natural. The earth has been brought to the brink by a greed-based predatory economic system that chews up anything in its path and spits it out to the bitter end.

Environmental journalists Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank take you on a sobering field trip through the danger zones; from the strip mines of Appalachia to the last refuge of the grizzly, from dirty fracking fields to the world's most dangerous place, the Hanford Nuclear Site in the Pacific Northwest. The Big Heat charts the battle lines for the future of the planet, from corporate villains to corrupt politicians and the fearless environmentalists who are standing up against the pillaging. This is an unflinching chronicle of the last fight that really matters.

About the Authors:

Jeffrey St. Clair is editor of CounterPunch. His books include: Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green to Me: The Politics of Nature, A Pocket Guide to Environmental Bad Guys (with James Ridgeway), Born Under a Bad Sky: Notes From the Dark Side of the Earth and Bernie and the Sandernistas: Field Notes From a Failed Revolution. He lives in Oregon.

Joshua Frank is managing editor of CounterPunch. His most recent book is Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair and published by AK Press.