The Bolshevik Myth: Diary 1920-22

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by Alexander Berkman

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2017 (originally published in 1925)

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Berkman worked on his own book, The Bolshevik Myth, throughout 1923 and it was finally published in January 1925. Parts of The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party were used by Berkman for the concluding chapter of the book, The Anti-Climax. This concluding chapter was omitted by the publisher in the original edition of The Bolshevik Myth in 1925 and Berkman had to publish it separately, as a pamphlet.

Here it has been brought back, to make the definitive version of Berkman’s diary – complete with a new introduction written by Mikhail Tsovma, this is the book that highlights how quickly the revolution was lost, and who conspired against it.

About the Author:

Alexander Berkman was a leading writer and participant in the 20th century Anarchist movement. The young, idealistic Berkman practiced propaganda by deed attempting to assassinate Henry Clay Frick during the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892. While imprisoned, he wrote the classic tale of prison life Prison Memoirs of and Anarchist. After his release, Berkman edited Emma Goldman's Mother Earth and his own paper The Blast!. Deported from New York City to his native Russia in 1919, were he saw first hand the failure of the Bolshevik revolution and dedicated himself to writing the classic primer on Anarchism, What is Anarchism?.