The Borrow a Boyfriend Club

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by Page Powars

Delacorte Press

9/12/2023, hardcover

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A feel-good, coming-of-age rom-com from debut author Page Powars that follows a trans teen who joins a boyfriend borrowing service masquerading as an Italian Club to prove that he's one of the guys, especially to its frustratingly handsome leader.

Noah Byrd is the perfect boy. At least, that's what he needs to convince his new classmates of to prove his gender. His plan? Join the school's illustrious (and secret) Borrow a Boyfriend Club, whose members rent themselves out for dates. Once he's accepted among the bros, the "slip-ups" end.

But Noah's interview is a flop. Desperate, he strikes a deal with the club's prickly but attractive president, Asher. Noah will help them win an annual talent show--and in return, he'll get a second shot to demonstrate his boyfriend skills in a series of tests that include romancing Asher himself.

If Noah can't bring home the win, his best chance to prove that he's man enough is gone. Yet even if he succeeds, he still loses... because the most important rule of the Borrow a Boyfriend Club is simple: no real boyfriends (or girlfriends) allowed.

And as long as the club remains standing as high as Asher's man bun, Noah and Asher can never explore their growing feelings for one another.

Target age: 12 and up


"Charmingly chaotic and keenly observant, with real emotional depth. Page Powars's debut is an absolute joyride." -- Becky Albertalli, New York Times bestselling author of Imogen, Obviously

"With so much wit and heart, Powars expertly explores just what it means to be a boy, a friend, and a boyfriend. The Borrow a Boyfriend Club had me laughing, clutching my chest, and rooting for Noah on every single page." -- Jason June, New York Times bestselling author of Out of the Blue

"Noah Byrd is lovable, likable, funny, and so relatable that I wanted to hug him. In The Borrow a Boyfriend Club, Page Powars broadens the concept of masculinity to create a space welcoming of everyone." -- Shaun David Hutchinson, award-winning author of We Are the Ants and Brave Face

About the Author:

Page Powars is the author of the forthcoming young adult novels The Borrow a Boyfriend Club and And They Were Roommates. He is based in the New York City area. Outside of writing, Page helps with soundtracks, sobs over The Untamed, and unfortunately plays Genshin Impact.