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The Cry of Mother Earth: Plan of Action of the Ecosocialist International

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by Ecosocialist Horizons

PM Press

3/21/2023, paperback

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The Cry of Mother Earth: Plan of Action of the Ecosocialist International recognizes and records the history and the future of the world's first Ecosocialist International, a chorus of grief and praise for Mother Earth, and a planetary program of revolutionary action in defense of free life.

It combines two historic documents, written in a collective process of loving exchange and hope, in a land that knows liberation, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The first is an invitation--an urgent summons to come together and draft a plan of action for the salvation of ourselves and the planet. It is a wish--a seed. The second is the fruit of that seed written a year later, over the course of four days with the words of over 100 delegates from five continents. It is a compass and a cradle, a map and a manifesto, for a global revolution--a return to a way of life in unity with nature.


"This is terrific, what every grassroots organizer needs, a profoundly revolutionary and practical vision rooted in the lives and achievements of Third World people. Beautifully written, filled with imagination to protect the people and the planet as fascist mobs roam the earth, The First Ecosocialist International vision paper offers me hope and pushes me, as I push others, far to the left into the future by seeing the past 'not only as a point of departure but a point of arrival.'" -- Eric Mann, author of Playbook for Progressives: The 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer

"This elegant manifesto points the way to the future, by drawing on our diverse and collective past. It provides a guide to short term defensive actions, medium term campaigns to prefigure alternatives in the present, and a long-term vision of a future where human beings thrive as part of nature. There is really no alternative to ecosocialism; the onus is on all of us to realize this future, wherever we live and whichever sphere of struggle we are engaged with." -- Janet Cherry, South African activist and historian, former political detainee, and researcher for the Truth and Reconciliation commission

"A hugely important project that gets my strongest endorsement." -- Paul Buhle, official biographer of CLR James, editor of A People's History of American Empire

"The Plan of Action of the Ecosocialist International captures the Cry of Mother Earth. It also captures her defiance. And her hope. It echoes the urgent need for cultural reawakening and resistance in defense of all beings recognizing that an attack on one is an attack on us. This is not a plan to stimulate curiosity, but one that demands sensitivity, connectivity and actions as a sacred/radical duty to free humans and other beings from the predatory propensity of capital and their drivers. A call to recover our place as part of a community of beings." -- Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation

About the Author:

Ecosocialist Horizons seeks to advance ecosocialism as a world-view and as a movement capable of offering real answers to the crises caused by capitalism. Whether these crises be social, economic, or ecological, an integrated approach is necessary.