The Future Is Unwritten: A Working Class History Blank Journal

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Edited by Working Class History

PM Press

1/4/2022, hardcover

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A classically elegant hardcover, sewn bound with 55lb paper. An enduring repository for your thoughts, dreams, and battle plans for collective action.

Includes inspirational words of wisdom from the likes of: Audre Lorde, Emma Goldman, Ambalavaner Sivanandan, George Lamming, Lucy Gonzalez Parsons, Marsha P Johnson, He Zhen, Frantz Fanon, Albert Spies, CLR James, Ricardo Flores Magón, Bhagat Singh, Walter Rodney, Ursula Le Guin, Pablo Neruda, Crawford Morgan, Jayaben Desai and more.


"Working Class History has hit upon a novel way to communicate our shared history to a new generation of budding radicals and working-class revolutionaries. They make it clear that today's victories build upon yesterday's struggles, and that, in order to push forward into the liberated, equitable future we want, we must remember how far we've come--and reckon with how much further there is to go."
--Kim Kelly, journalist and labour columnist at Teen Vogue

"Working Class History is global, diverse, and clear; bringing to our attention OUR history which has so often been ignored, neglected or misrepresented." --Mike Jackson, co-founder Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

About the Editors:

Founded in 2014, Working Class History is an international collective of worker-activists who launched a social media project and podcast to uncover our collective history of fighting for a better world and promote it to educate and inspire a new generation of activists. They have grown to become the most popular online people's history project in English, reaching an audience of tens of millions.