The Minimum Security Chronicles: Resistance to Ecocide

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by Stephanie McMillan

Seven Stories Press

2013, paperback

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In The Minimum Security Chronicles, the latest long-form narrative from Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award–winning cartoonist Stephanie McMillan, lifelong friends Kranti and Bananabelle are rounded up during a protest and locked in a pen by a faraway railroad track. After their escape, when trying to gain proof of their capture, Kranti discovers the future site of a nuclear power plant. After attempting to shut it down, she learns of an even more ecologically dangerous enterprise: a massive geo-engineering project scheduled to begin in a matter of weeks. And so begins the tale of a group of friends—among them an apolitical computer programmer, an aspiring musician who joins the Occupy movement, a lovestruck community gardener, a militant bunny and a guinea pig theorist—who try to halt the plans of evil corporate overlords bent on destroying the Earth for profit. 


"McMillan's expressive style, pared down to the basics and intensified over the years, allows for instant communication of thoughtful rage."--Comics Journal

"This is social satire at its wittiest and most engaging."--Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States 


Activist and artist Stephanie McMillan began syndicating her daring political cartoons in 1999. Since then her work has appeared in dozens of publications and has been exhibited in museums across the country. A book based on her comic strip, Minimum Security, was published in 2005. Her graphic novel, As the World Burns, written with Derrick Jensen, was published in 2007. Also the author of Capitalism Must Die! and The Beginning of the American Fall