The Stolen Revolution: Resistance from the Rubble in Syria

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Edited by Palapa Editorial

El Rebozo Palapa Editorial

2017, bound booklet



The Syrian Revolution that began in 2011 as an outcry of indignation against the dictatorial regime was the spark of one of the most dramatic, savage and bloody revolutions in recent history. But soon thereafter, that revolution would turn into a repressive civil war and a humanitarian disaster: a crossroads of brutality, destruction and death.

But "as the state began to disintegrate, communities needed to build alternative structures to keep life functioning in the newly created autonomous zones." (...) "Hundreds of local councils have spread throughout Syria, bringing power down to the community level."

The texts we find here aim "to illuminate the history and nature of the Syrian conflict" and visibilize the narratives of the popular Syrian resistance. Voices struggling for freedom, dignity, justice and for the human right to live. Voices from the wreckage, from the stolen revolution.

Part of our collection of beautiful booklets from El Rebozo Palapa Editorial, in Oaxaca, Mexico.