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Tongue-Tied: Breaking the Language Barrier to Animal Liberation

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by Hanh Nguyen

Lantern Publishing

03/25/2015, paperback

SKU: 9781590565940


Words not only define our reality, they reveal and direct our attitudes toward that reality. This feature of language is especially problematic when it comes to our treatment of animals. In this supple, thoughtful, and closely argued work, Vietnamese-American scholar Hanh Nguyen examines the words we use in English and other languages to justify our abuse of other-than-human world. Reframing our metaphors, categories, and descriptions of animals we love, hate, and eat allows us to break long-standing habits and see our obligations and connections to non-human animals more clearly.

About the Author:

Hanh Nguyen holds a BA in Sociology from Yale University. Her journey in rethinking human-other animal relationships began when she was an undergraduate, and has since taken her to dozens of colleges and universities across North America, helping thousands of students examine their own perceptions of other-than-human animals.