Transnational Battlefield

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by Herbiberto Yépez

Commune Editions

9/19/2017, paperback

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Yepez's work is very well known in Mexico where he has won more than a dozen distinctions such as the National Essay Prize at least three times and the Experimental National Poetry Prize. He also writes for a wide variety of newspapers.

Yepez's work receives significant attention in the US and recent books have been reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Kenyon Review, the Chicago Review, etc.

His work is frequently provocative and major figures often argue with it. Right before his death Amiri Baraka was arguing with Yepez's reading of Olson.

About the Author:

Heriberto Yépez is the author of A.B.U.R.T.O., Al Otro Lado, and The Empire of Neomemory, among other books. He lives in Tijuana, Mexico.