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Under the Socialist Banner: Resolutions of the Second International, 1889-1912

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edited by Mark Haber

Haymarket Books

07/20/2021, paperback

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Recent years have seen a massive growth of interest in socialism, particularly among young people. But few are fully aware of socialism's revolutionary history. For this reason, an appreciation of the Second International -- often called the Socialist International -- during its Marxist years is particularly relevant.

From 1889 to 1912 resolutions of the Second International helped disseminate and popularize a revolutionary aim: the overturn of capitalism and its replacement by the democratic rule of the working class, as a first step toward socialism.

Despite weaknesses and contradictions that led to the Second International 's collapse in 1914, its resolutions during these years remain a resource for those studying the socialist movement 's history and objectives. Many of the topics dealt with -- war and militarism, immigration, trade unions and labor legislation, women's rights, colonialism, socialist strategy and tactics -- remain just as relevant today.

This book is the first English-language collection ever assembled of all the resolutions adopted by congresses of the Second International in its Marxist years.


"The Second International, which played a pivotal role in socialist politics between 1889 and 1914, was the political and ideological cauldron in which many of the leading figures in early twentieth Marxism first developed their political and theoretical perspectives -- such as Kautsky, Lenin, Luxemburg, Martov, Pannekoek, and so many others. While the literature on the Second International is vast, this is the first time the resolutions at its international congresses are available in English -- providing a vital window into its response to such issues as the general strike, the birth of anti-colonial movements, women's emancipation, and the question of militarism." -- Peter Hudis, Frantz Fanon: Philosopher of the Barricades

About the Editor:

Mike Taber has edited and prepared a number of books related to the history of revolutionary and working-class movements -- from collections of documents of the Communist International under Lenin to works by James P. Cannon, Leon Trotsky, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Maurice Bishop, and Nelson Mandela.