Understanding Eugenics: The U.S. and Nazi Plans to Shape the Gene Pool & Control the Population

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by Joe Biel

Microcosm Publishing

12/12/2021, staple-bound booklet

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The "science" of eugenics--by which the genetic makeup of a population is controlled by who does and doesn't reproduce--is forever tied in popular memory with Nazi Germany. But the practice began in late 19th-century England, and was widely embraced in the US, Canada, and Europe. As a result, policies were enacted that touched on segregation, marriage, birth control, and genocide. Eugenicists were obsessed with race and disability--many current genetic-testing practices are a continuation of that unfortunate era. This zine gives a harrowing hidden history and present state of eugenics, wrought with its moral and scientific implications.

About the Author:

Joe Biel is a self-made autistic publisher and filmmaker who draws origins, inspiration, and methods from punk rock. He is the founder and CEO of Microcosm Publishing and co-founder of the Portland Zine Symposium.