Understanding the Venezuelan Revolution: Hugo Chavez Talks to Marta Harnecker

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by Hugo Chavez and Marta Harnecker

Monthly Review Press

1999, 2005

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Marta Harnecker?s interviews with Hugo Ch˜vez began soon after one of the most dramatic moments of Ch˜vez?s presidency?the failed coup of April 2002, which ended with Ch˜vez restored to power by a massive movement of protest and resistance. In the aftermath of the failed coup, Ch˜vez talks to Harnecker about the formation of his political ideas, his aspirations for Venezuela, its domestic and international policies, problems of political organization, relations with social movements in other countries, and more, constantly relating these to concrete events and to strategies for change.

The exchange between Harnecker and Ch˜vez?sometimes reflective, sometimes anecdotal, always characterized by their passionate commitment to the struggles of the oppressed?brings to light the process of thought and action behind the public pronouncements and policies of state.

The interviews are supplemented by extracts from Ch˜vez?s most recent pronouncements on the ongoing transformation in Venezuela and Latin America, an analysis by Harnecker on the role of the military, and a chronology.

Hugo Ch˜vez has become a symbol of defiance of U.S. imperialism throughout Latin America. His importance for the future of the region makes this book essential reading.