Until All Are Free: The Story of the Swedish Animal Liberation Front

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by Red Fox

2015, hardcover

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The Swedish Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has for decades been one of the most prominent and active branches of the international network of activists, executing direct actions in the small country in Northern Europe to save animals from oppression and cruelty.

Thirty years has passed since the single mother-of-two Emelie E:son placed an ad in the local paper to find others who were willing to risk their own freedom rescuing animals in need. In the cover of darkness and with their faces covered to protect their identity, the activists have carried out thousands of actions and saved countless of lives. The group as often left the authorities puzzled and media has to this day been unable to get close enough to give the public a truthful portrayal of the people behind the masks. So who are these anonymous animal activists who save dogs from vivisection laboratories, hens from battery farms and release mink from fur farms? Why do they feel obliged to go to such extremes to achieve their goal?

With a unique and comprehensive collection of more than 300 images and five in depth interviews with activists, the book Until All Are Free – The History of the Swedish Animal Liberation Front, gives the reader the chance to get closer to the activists than what has previously been possible. The large amount of pictures covers animal liberation actions all the way back to the 1970s and were largely taken by the activists themselves during or just after their actions. One of the activists who shares her story and experiences is the founder of The Swedish ALF – Emelie E:son – who for the first time in 15 years give us insight into her life as an animal activist. The readers are also introduced to Louise, one of the founders of the legendary anti-fur group "The Wild Mink" who has released more than 100,000 mink and foxes from Swedish fur farms and who has sworn not to stop until the last cage is empty. Never before has the animal liberation movement been portrayed so intimately and the have readers been able to hear the activists own stories about their actions.

The book was written by the activist collective Red Fox whose members have been part of the animal rights movement for more than 20 years and has been able to follow the actions and document them from a unique position.

To be able to share the story of the Swedish ALF with as many as possible Until All Are Free is written in both Swedish and English. It was printed in a limited number of copies in early 2015.