Wages for Housework: A History of an International Feminist Movement, 1972-77

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by Louise Toupin

UBC Press

02/04/2022, paperback

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In this first-ever international history of the influential feminist movement Wages for Housework, Louise Toupin draws on extensive archival research and interviews with the movement's founders and activists from Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada. Featuring previously unpublished conversations with Silvia Federici and Mariarosa Dalla Costa, the book highlights the power and originality of the movement, detailing its theoretical and organizational innovations around the unrecognized forms of labour performed largely by women. Wages for Housework is a major contribution to the history of feminist and anti-capitalist movements and a provocative intervention into contemporary conversations about the changing nature of work and the gendered labour market.

About the Author:

Louise Toupin has authored and coauthored numerous books on feminist thought and social movements and she taught political science at the Université du Québec a Montréal prior to her retirement.