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Water in Plain Sight

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by Judith Schwarts

Chelsea Green Publishing

5/2/2019, paperback



"This book is part of a necessary movement to restore water to a central place in the climate and ecological conversation. Judith Schwartz paints a vivid picture of the miracles of land healing that are possible through the right relationship to soil and water. This book should be high on the reading list of every environmental activist."


"People all over the world agonize about water―too much or not enough―and are directed to expensive, high-tech solutions. But in this important and exhilarating book, Judith Schwartz argues that the solutions lie in understanding and working with nature. Herein lies abundance and hope."--Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us

"Our freshwater crisis isn't just caused by drought and overconsumption--it's also the product of deforestation, unmanaged grazing, the destruction of wildlife, and other benighted land management practices. Fortunately, there are solutions. Water in Plain Sight reveals that restoring our planet's ecosystems can help replenish our most precious resource. In her inspiring, erudite book, Judith Schwartz introduces readers to the Amish farming consultants, Texas dew harvesters, and Zimbabwean graziers who are developing world-changing approaches to ecological restoration and water stewardship. Water in Plain Sight proves that our water woes aren't inevitable, and that the most sustainable path forward lies in partnering with nature rather than attempting to wrestle it into submission."--Ben Goldfarb, author of Eager


"In this beautifully written book about water, Judith Schwartz reveals that water is far more than the elixir of life. For the non-specialist but informed reader, Schwartz imaginatively unpacks the vital role that water plays in not just our natural and farming landscape functions, but also in our planet's self-organizing and sustaining systems.

Richly researched and written in a deceptively easy and personal style, Water in Plain Sight renders the complex comprehensible, enjoyable, and thus accessible. As a consequence, in the midst of humanity's obtuse behaviour in destabilizing our Earth and landscape systems, Schwartz--through her thematic focus on water--delightfully explains the key principles that can enable us to begin addressing our Anthropocene challenge while offering hope for regeneration of both planetary and human health."


About the Author:

"Judith Schwartz's work gives us not just hope but also a sense that we humans--serial destroyers that we are--can actually turn the climate crisis around."--Gretel Ehrlich, author of Facing the Wave