Wildscape: Trilling Chipmunks, Beckoning Blooms, Salty Butterflies, and Other Sensory Wonders of Nature

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by Nancy Lawson

Princeton Architectural Press

3/8/2023, hardcover

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From Nancy Lawson, author of The Humane Gardener, a first-of-its-kind guide that takes readers on an insightful and personal exploration of the secret lives of animals and plants.

Master naturalist Nancy Lawson takes readers on a fascinating tour of the vibrant web of nature outside our back door--where animals and plants perceive and communicate using marvelous sensory abilities we are only beginning to understand. Organized into chapters investigating each of their five senses, Lawson's exploration reveals a remarkable world of interdependent creatures with amazing capabilities.

You'll learn of ultrasound clicks humans can't hear, and ultraviolet colors humans can't see. You'll cross paths with foraging American bumblebees drawn to the scent of wild bergamot, urban sparrows who adapt their mating song in response to human clamor, trees that amp up their growth in response to deer and moose saliva, and a chipmunk behaving like the world's smallest pole vaulter to nab juicy red berries hanging from the lowest parts of a coral honeysuckle vine.

Synthesizing cutting-edge scientific research, original interviews with animal and plant researchers, and poetic observations made in her own garden, Lawson shows us how to appreciate the natural environment from the sensory perspective of our wild neighbors right outside our door and beyond, and how to respect and nurture the habitats they need to survive.


"By taking us deep into the lives of backyard creatures, Lawson takes us out of our solipsism and grants us the gift of swapping stories with butterflies, chipmunks, and beetles. As we get to know these other cultures and sense the world through our shared experiences, we travel deeper into our landscapes and squash biases instead of bugs. With incredible tidbits of science and story (boy, is poop useful), this book asks us to live a wilder, more willful life that honors the intricate relationships right beneath our noses." - Benjamin Vogt, author of A New Garden Ethic and Prairie Up

In [Wildscape], Ms. Lawson synthesizes scientific research and her own intimate outdoor experiences to impress on us just how fragile, and precious, the workings of nature are....Arranging the book in chapters that underscore doors of perception -- Scentscape, Soundscape, Tastescape, Touchscape and Sightscape -- she suggests adjustments we can make to reduce disruption."- Margaret Roach for the New York Times

About the Author:

Nancy Lawson is a habitat consultant, nationally known speaker, author of The Humane Gardener, and founder of Humane Gardener, LLC, where she pioneers creative, animal-friendly landscaping methods. Certified as a Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional and master naturalist, she partners with Howard County Bee City and Audubon Society of Central Maryland and recently helped launch a community science project, Monarch Rx, based on scientific discoveries made in her own garden.