Zounds Demystified

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by Steve Lake

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In this book Steve Lake, principal writer of the band Zounds, collects all the bands lyrics and illuminates each with a relevant commentary.

It contains personal reminiscences about how the band and their peers lived, delves into the background of the lyrics, and looks at the wider social context in which the band operated. Parental guidance: This book contains ideas!

A little early history on Zounds:

The band were formed around the nucleus of Steve Lake from Reading, Berkshire and evolved from a number of jamming sessions with other musicians and friends in Oxford, taking in influences from the Velvet Underground to the Sex Pistols. The band began performing gigs in 1977/78 with a line-up of Steve Lake (Vocals/Bass), Steve Burch (Guitar) and Jimmy Lacey (Drums), adding Nick Godwin (guitar) at their second gig - adopting the name 'Zounds', chosen from a dictionary by Burch. Soon, Burch left the group and was replaced by Lawrence Wood. After this the band slowly became more politicized owing to troubles with police and unfolding events of the cold war, and became more and more involved with free festivals, alongside The Mob, with whom they developed a close association.