A Country of Ghosts

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by Margaret Killjoy

AK Press

11/23/2021, paperback

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Dimos Horacki is a Borolian journalist and a cynical patriot, his muckraking days behind him. But when his newspaper ships him to the front, he's embedded in the Imperial Army and the reality of colonial expansion is laid bare before him. His adventures take him from villages and homesteads to the great refugee city of Hronople, built of glass, steel, and stone, all while a war rages around him. The empire fights for coal and iron, but the anarchists of Hron fight for their way of life. A Country of Ghosts is a novel of utopia besieged and a tale that challenges every premise of contemporary society.


"This gritty, evocative novel explores the question of what an anarchist community can do to resist the assaults that are sure to come if any such social formation were to exist. Yet more important still is that this is an exciting and mysterious novel, a story of war and love in some fictional mountainous country with echoes of nineteenth century Latin America, eastern Europe, central Asia; by the time you're done you feel you've gotten a glimpse into a forgotten part of our history that is nevertheless very real." -- Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Mars trilogy

"Gulliver's Travels meets The Dispossessed. It's a wild ride, and you don't want to miss it." -- Gabriel Kuhn, author of Life Under the Jolly Roger

"A Country of Ghosts is entertaining, its politics intriguing, and the setting is a place I found myself missing after I turned the last page." -- Nick Mamatas, author of I am Providence, Bullettime, and Planetbreaker's Son

About the Author:

Margaret Killjoy is a transfeminine author, born and raised in Maryland, who has spent her adult life traveling with no fixed home. A 2015 graduate of Clarion West, Margaret's short fiction has been published by Tor.com, Strange Horizons, Vice's Terraform, and Fireside Fiction amongst others. She is the author of The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion and The Barrow Will Send What It May. She is also the host of two podcasts, Live Like the World Is Dying and the fiction podcast We Will Remember Freedom.