Feminist Subversion of the Economy: Contributions for a Dignified Life Against Capital

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by Amala Perez Orozco, Translated by Liz Mason-Deese

Common Notions

10/4/2022, paperback

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The political response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressures on the global capitalist economies has, once again, imposed the priority of markets over life. Add to this the climate crisis and, undoubtedly, the task of sustaining life continues to be privatized, made invisible, and feminized. We must ask: what does a dignified life look like, especially one that transforms the gendered labor divisions and a racialized, exploitative feminized care economy that falls mainly on the shoulders of women--from the household to the wider effects of the capitalist economy on social reproduction.

At the same time, these questions are intimately connected with considerations of our environment. The Feminist Subversion of the Economy makes the connection between patriarchy, capitalism, and ecological crisis--and rallies women, the LGBTQ+ community, and movements worldwide to center gender and social reproduction in a vision for a just ecology and economy.

Public intellectual, academic, and activist Amaia Pérez Orozco offers a vision beyond the myths of development (unlimited growth), wealth (accumulation of capital), and work (limited to waged labor) and, at the same time, accounts for the tasks, networks, and economic subjects that, materially and daily, guarantee that life keeps going.

Newly translated and updated in collaboration with Liz Mason-Desse, who has won a PEN translation award for her work on feminist economics, The Feminist Subversion of the Economy shows the urgent need to radically and democratically discuss what we mean by a dignified life and how we can organize to sustain life collectively.


"Through a rigorous, relentless exposure of the destructive logic governing capitalist development, Orozco sets the foundations for a feminist politics capable of subverting the myths propagated by capitalist economy and radically transforming the conditions and ends of our social reproduction. A must not only for feminists movements but for all engaged in the struggle to create a more just society."-- Silvia Federici, author of Revolution at Point Zero and Caliban and the Witch

"Amaia Pérez Orozco's The Feminist Subversion of the Economy is not just the exemplar of this critical-analytic tradition; this book is a further contribution towards the construction of "a solid base from which to fight"; a "utopian horizon"; a life-sustaining collectively-pedagogical project of "buen convivir"; and a feminist degrowth transition. This book will compel you think differently--and even better, with others!--as to how we can create a life-sustaining economy."-- Kai Bosworth, author of Pipeline Populism: Grassroots Environmentalism in the 21st Century

About the Contributors:

Amaia Pérez Orozco is a long time educator and advocate of feminist economic concepts, theory, and practice in Spain and Latin America. She has a PhD in Economics and is an activist in social and feminist movements. She is the author of "Perspectivas feministas en torno a la economía.

Liz Mason-Deese is a feminist translator and part of the translation collective Territorio de Ideas, an editor of Viewpoint Magazine, and a longtime participant in feminist and anticapitalist movements in Argentina. She is a coeditor of Feminicide and Global Accumulation: Frontline Struggles to Resist the Violence of Patriarchy and Capitalism.