Palestine Hijacked: How Zionism Forged an Apartheid State from River to Sea

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by Thomas Suárez

Olive Branch Press

11/1/2022, paperback

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How terror was used by Zionist militias to transform Palestine into an apartheid settler state.

The Israel-Palestine "conflict" is typically understood to be a clash between two ethnic groups--Arabs and Jews--inhabiting the same land. Thomas Suárez digs deep below these preconceptions and their supporting "narratives" to expose something starkly different: The violent take-over of Palestine by a European racial-nationalist settler movement, Zionism, using terror to assert by force a claim to the land that has no legal or moral basis.

Drawing extensively from original source documents, many revealed here for the first time, Suárez interweaves secret intelligence reports, newly-declassified military and diplomatic correspondence, and the terrorists' own records boasting of their successes. His shocking account details a litany of Zionist terrorism against anyone in their way--the indigenous Palestinians, the British who had helped establish Zionism, and Jews who opposed the Zionist agenda.

Far from being isolated atrocities by rogue groups, the use of terror was deliberate and sustained, carried out or supported by the same leaders who then established and led the Israeli state. We are still living this history: The book proves that Israel's regime of Apartheid against the Palestinians and the continued expropriation of their country are not the result of complex historical circumstances, but the intended, singular goal of Zionism since its beginning.


"A tour de force... Suárez' diligent archival research that looks boldly at the impact of Zionism on Palestine and its people in the first part of the 20th century... is the first comprehensive and structured analysis of the violence and terror employed by the Zionist movement, and later the state of Israel, against the people of Palestine. Much of the suffering we witness today can be explained by, and connected to, this formative period..." -- Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian and author of Ten Myths About Israel and The Idea of Israel

"Israel's depopulation of 560 towns and villages could not have been accomplished without a campaign of massacres, well planned by date, region, unity of purpose, and method. Nor is Israel's use of terror in its foundation, doctrine, and ongoing daily practice strictly military: Suárez documents this terror in its myriad dimensions. No detractor can dispute its findings. Of the rare books that focus on Israel's policy of terror, Palestine Hijacked is singularly powerful. This is an eye-opener, a must-read to clear the fog of deliberate deception used to shield Israel's crimes against Palestine." -- Salman Abu Sitta, Founder and President of Palestine Land Society and author of Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir

About the Author:

Thomas Suárez is a London-based historical researcher as well as a professional Juilliard-trained violinist and composer. A former West Bank resident, he devoted several years to researching poorly-tapped and newly-declassified historical archives to compile this story. His previous books include three landmark works on the history of cartography, and Writings on the Wall: Palestinian Oral Histories.