Rise Up Singing (Anniversary)

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Edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson

Hal Leonard Corporation

12/1/2004, spiral

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The most popular folk songbook of all time! 

Contains the words & guitar chords to 1200 songs from a wide variety of genres from Beatles to ballads, and Bob Dylan to Broadway, from campfire favorites to gospel & Hebrew folksongs, including song chapters on ecology and freedom.

Originally developed for group singing by Annie Patterson & Peter Blood, this well loved songbook is also used by musicians (professional and lay alike) around the world as a fakebook and resource book.

Quick access to lyrics, chords and authorship/copyright information on songs makes it a must have for anyone that uses music in their life. Since its publication by Sing Out in 1988 it has sold around a million copies. 

Includes illustrations and an introduction by Pete Seeger.

Also, check out the companion songbook volume, Rise Again.


"This is the best, most exhilarating and glorious history of the United States: a singing history. It is more than a lovely songbook it s a play-work-fight-freedom hymnal." - Studs Terkel, author, Hope Dies Last

"Singing improves the quality of life, making us feel better, stronger, wiser. Here are several hundred songs to get started on!" - Holly Near, author, Fire in the Rain

About the Editors:

Peter Blood and Annie Patterson have over 25 years of experience in song-leading at conferences and gatherings using Rise Up Singing throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. They both live in Cheney, Pennsylvania.