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Stranger, Creature, Thing, Other

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by Clint Jones

Cornerstone Press

1/1/2019, paperback

SKU: 9780977480265


Stranger, Creature, Thing, Other is an attempt to break down the human-centric socially created obstacles we face as we address the serious threat of climate collapse and what it will mean to inhabit a future shaped by the aftermath of that looming catastrophe.

Continuing to build on his critical social commentary in Ecological Reflections on Post-Capitalist Society, Clint Jones delves into the problematic nature of human Being by examining how we created the climate crisis and what it will take to change they nature of ourselves to save the natural world. Using the motif of monstrosity, Jones examines consumption, domination, historical inheritances, alienation, and competing social epistemologies to provide a richer understanding of the human element in nature and develop a new philosophical paradigm, ecostentialism, for coming to terms with what it means to be a moral person living in the aftermath of environmental collapse.


"Jones has seen more clearly than anyone else’s ecologically-oriented work of which I am aware, that these beings, which we mark off in varying ways as “not-us” (while often simultaneously worrying that versions of them nevertheless lie within us), tell us, in their reverse image way, so much about how we have conceived of ourselves and, in the context of Jones’s ecostentialism, how we might more appropriately conceive of ourselves.” --Warwick Fox, University of Central Lancashire