Zooicide: Seeing Cruelty, Demanding Abolition

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by Sue Coe, with an essay by Stephen F. Eisenman

AK Press

10/23/2018, paperback

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In Zooicide, Sue Coe employs her bold artistic style to confront the institution of zoos. They are, she says, inherently cruel and the solution is not to reform them, but to abolish them. Coe's visual journalism investigates the mental anguish inflicted upon animals--including cases where they have killed themselves to end their torture. Zoos often pay lip service to education, enrichment, and conservation, but their depravity is systemic and ubiquitous; it is built into the idea of animals as commodities. As long as they are property, animals will continue to be treated as things, with no rights, who can be caged, bred, abused, or killed for a profit and the public's entertainment.

As a vital complement to Coe's images, and written specifically for them, Stephen F. Eisenman's essay, "The Capitalist Zoo," is a history of zoos written from the future--a future in which zoos as we know them no longer exist.


"Coe has a message to deliver, and her visceral, graphic imagery doesn't pull any punches. Coe's righteous anger, not to mention her confident hand and riveting compositions, will hold your eye and haunt your mind." --New Yorker

About the Contributors:

Sue Coe is a visual artist and social critic. Born in England in 1951, she moved to New York in the early 1970s. A firm believer in the power of media to affect change, her paintings, drawing, and prints have been published in The New York Times, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone and countless other periodicals. Her other books include How to Commit Suicide in South Africa (1983), X (1986), Dead Meat (1996), Pit's Letter (2000), The Ghosts of our Meat (2013), and The Animals' Vegan Manifesto (2017).

Stephen F. Eisenman is a professor in the Department of Art History at Northwestern University. His William Blake and the Age of Aquarius was selected as one of the best art books of 2017 by the New York Times.