Rebellion in Patagonia

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by Osvaldo Bayer, Translated by Paul Sharkey and Joshua Neuhouser

AK Press

2016, paperback

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At the very end of Rebellion in Patagonia, Osvaldo Bayer writes: Time always tears down the curtain that tries to hide the truth. A crime can never be covered up forever.

He demonstrates that principle in this moving and nuanced study of strikes led by the powerful anarcho-syndicalist labor union FORA against the despotic landowners and industrialists of Argentina's Patagonia region in 1921-1922. The tale ends tragically, with thousands slaughtered, but Bayer's detailed descriptions and first-person testimonies capture the beauty and heroism of the struggle. Banned and publicly burned in the 1970s, this is the book's first English translation with a new introduction by Scott Nicholas Nappalos and Joshua Neuhouser.


"The recovery of a historic struggle of the importance of Rebellion in Patagonia by Osvaldo Bayer is a decisive contribution to the social struggles of today. It offers not just a reconstruction of the past, but an example of what we, ordinary people, can do, and what we will continue to do, for our collective dignity." - Raul Zibechi, author of Territories in Resistance: A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements

"Genocide against the militant left in Argentina did not begin in 1975 with Isabel Peron or the military dictatorship of 1976-1983. Disappeared people and hidden bodies were the norm even fifty years earlier, when the Argentine army's murder of 1,500 agricultural workers was ordered by democratically elected, pseudo-progressive President Yrigoyen. The scandal was silenced until Osvaldo Bayer, journalist and historian, wrote this courageous investigative work (which also led to a 1974 whistleblowing film) in the middle of another of Argentina's most repressive eras." - Frank Mintz, translator of the French edition, La Patagonie rebelle 1921-1922: Chronique d une revolte des ouvriers agricoles en Argentine

About the Author:

Osvaldo Bayer is an author, journalist, and scriptwriter who was exiled from Argentina during the years of military dictatorship. His works include The Anarchist Expropriators and Anarchism & Violence. He currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Paul Sharkey is one of the most well-known and highly respected translators of anarchist writings of the past thirty years. He has translated countless works including Insurrection, Ready for Revolution, The Weight of the Stars, and The Sons of Night. He lives in Belfast, Ireland.