The Sons of Night: Antoine Gimenez's Memories of the War in Spain

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by Antoine Gimenez, Translated by Paul Sharkey

AK Press

3/12/2019, paperback

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The Sons of Night is two, or more, books in one. The first is Antoine Gimenez's memoir of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, an engaging tale of heroism and intrigue. The remaining three-quarters of the manuscript is a record of the fascination his memoir held for a group of historians--the "Gimenologists"--and the multiple paths of research and inquiry it led them down.

Book Two begins with eighty-two "endnotes" to the memoir, each the equivalent of a chapter that follows a particular historical thread or explores a question raised by Gimenez's text. This is followed by the biographies of various people appearing in the memoir, many based on the friendships the historians formed with the now-elderly revolutionaries.

The book closes with an Afterword discussing theoretical issues raised by the memoir and seven appendices. Also includes an foreword by Spanish historian Dolors Marín Silvestre.

About the Contributors:

Antoine Gimenez (the pseudonym of Bruno Salvadori) was born in 1910. He was an anarchist militant and a volunteer militiaman who fought in the Durruti Column during the Spanish Civil War. He died in Marseille in 1982.

Paul Sharkey is one of the most well-known and highly respected translators of anarchist writings of the past thirty years. He has translated countless works including InsurrectionReady for RevolutionRebellion in PatagoniaThe Weight of the Starsand Agitated. He lives in Belfast, Ireland.