Escape from Incel Island!

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by Margaret Killjoy

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

3/14/2023, paperback

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To cope with rising misogynist violence, the US government offered people a golden opportunity: any man who felt like they were owed a free woman could move to a remote island and be given one. The offer was, of course, a trap. Five years later, wise-cracking special ops mercenary Mankiller Jones and their companion Dr. Morrison venture to Incel Island on an important mission for the military, and in the process become the first women (or people perceived as women) the inhabitants of Incel Island have seen in years. Along with a ragtag group of Nice Guys, Mankiller and Dr. Morrison encounter hordes of CHUDs, Volcels, Betas, and the King of the Incels himself as they try to escape the island prison.

On Incel Island, somebody's about to get laid... to rest.


"Margaret Killjoy has a unique ability to make you imagine worlds that feel simultaneously alien and next door to our own. Incel Island is hysterical, with constant surprises and a shocking amount of heart." -- Robert Evans, author of After the Revolution

About the Author:

Margaret Killjoy is a transfeminine author born and raised in Maryland who was spent her adult life traveling with no fixed home. A 2015 graduate of Clarion West, Margaret's short fiction has been published by Tor.comStrange HorizonsVice's Terraform, and Fireside Fiction, amongst others. She is the author of A Country of GhostsThe Lamb Will Slaughter the LionThe Barrow Will Send What it Mayand We Won't Be Here Tomorrow. She is also the host of the podcast Live Like the World is Dying and Cool People Who Did Cool Stuff on iHeartRadio. She is based in rural West Virginia.